What is a Surgical Abortion?

Similar to a medical termination, a D&C is a highly effective (99%) method for ending a pregnancy. All surgical abortions at Alliance Women’s Medical Group are conducted confidentially in our clinic and typically take just a few minutes. Patients receive medication to reduce stress and alleviate any discomfort during the procedure. Due to the effects of this medication, it is necessary to arrange for a companion who can drive you home safely afterward. Alliance Women’s Medical Group performs procedures up to the second trimester.

What Should I Expect at my Visit?

When you arrive for your surgical abortion at Alliance Women’s Medical Group, expect to spend about 1-2 hours at our facility. You will be asked to complete initial paperwork to capture your medical history and essential details. Our team will conduct a blood draw in our laboratory to assess your pregnancy hormone levels and determine your blood type. An ultrasound will also be performed to accurately gauge how many weeks pregnant you are and confirm your suitability for the procedure. Once prepared, you will be escorted to a private surgical room. There, a licensed OB/GYN surgeon will administer medications to alleviate anxiety and ensure your comfort before the surgery begins. After the procedure, our staff will closely monitor your recovery. Before your departure, you will receive detailed post-operative care instructions, any necessary medications, and a 24/7 contact number for our on-call physician to address any subsequent questions or concerns.

Is a Surgical Abortion (D&C) Effective?

At Alliance Women’s Medical Group, our surgical abortion procedures boast a 99% success rate. It’s exceedingly rare for a patient to require a secondary procedure after a D&C. Should further intervention be necessary, our staff will provide the requisite follow-up care at no extra cost.

Is There Any Required Follow-Up for a D&C?

While a D&C is generally very safe and typically resolves in one visit, we do ask that you attend a follow-up appointment about two weeks after your procedure. This visit helps ensure the procedure was fully successful and that there are no lingering complications.

Can I Still Get Pregnant After a Surgical Abortion?

YES. You can become pregnant again following a surgical abortion. Once pregnancy hormones (Beta hCG) have cleared and your menstrual cycle resumes, your fertility will return to pre-procedure levels. Therefore, it is crucial to begin using contraception after your two-week follow-up to prevent unintended pregnancy. Alliance Women’s Medical Group offers comprehensive family planning services, including oral contraceptives, Depo Provera, IUDs, patches, and NuvaRing.

When Will My Period Return?

Typically, your menstrual cycle will resume 4-8 weeks following the surgical abortion. The initial period may be heavier than usual. It’s common to experience intermittent bleeding, spotting, or even passing clots with cramps during the first six weeks post-procedure. If your period hasn’t returned after 8 weeks, please contact our office.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

The surgical abortion involves dilating the cervical canal and Medical aspiration The entire process typically takes about 3 minutes. The extent of dilation required depends on the gestational age

Am I Awake During the Procedure?

The procedure will be performed under twilight sedation.

Who Performs the Surgery?

At Alliance Women’s Medical Group, all surgical abortions are conducted by licensed physicians.

Do I Need to Have a Companion with Me or Can I Take a Bus/Taxi/Uber Home?

Alliance Women’s Medical Group advises having a companion to drive you home for safety reasons. However, we recognize that this may not always be possible, and it is permissible to use public transportation or rideshare services like taxis or Uber. If you prefer, you can opt out of the narcotic medication to drive yourself home safely.

Can I Go Back to Work or School Right Away?

Many women feel able to resume work or school the day after their procedure. If you need additional time to rest, Alliance Women’s Medical Group can provide a note excusing you for a couple of days. Nonetheless, we advise against engaging in strenuous activities, including exercise and heavy lifting, for two weeks post-procedure. Our staff will discuss your specific work or school circumstances before you leave to ensure these activities do not interfere with your recovery.

Will I Bleed for a Long Time After Surgery?

Bleeding patterns vary among individuals, and it is common to experience some bleeding for up to six weeks following the procedure. Conversely, some women might notice minimal bleeding. Given the unique nature of each recovery, we emphasize the importance of attending your two-week follow-up appointment.

Can I Use Tampons Right Away?

To minimize the risk of infection and to better monitor your bleeding, we recommend avoiding tampons until after your follow-up visit. This precaution helps ensure a safer and more effective recovery process.

When Can I Exercise or Have Sex Again?

Alliance Women’s Medical Group recommends waiting two weeks before engaging in strenuous activities such as exercise or sexual intercourse. After your follow-up appointment, assuming no complications, we will clear you to resume all your normal activities.