Alliance Women’s Medical Group is here to support you.

At Alliance Women’s Medical Group, we understand the challenges involved in making decisions about abortion. We provide a compassionate and supportive atmosphere, offering understanding and non-judgmental care to our patients, along with accurate information regarding abortion.

Each patient receives personalized attention and counseling to ensure that they are making informed decisions with dignity, regardless of their choice. Our team is extensively trained to deliver sensitive and empathetic care to patients during this sensitive period.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

With every pregnancy, there are three choices: parenthood, adoption, and abortion. Especially with an unplanned pregnancy, you may encounter a range of emotions and complex dilemmas. Regardless of your decision, our goal at Alliance Women’s Medical Group is to help you consider the option of abortion calmly and with peace of mind.

If you are unsure about which path to take, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners to explore which option suits you best at this point in your life.

After-Abortion Counseling

Each woman’s journey after an abortion varies. Many women may not face difficult emotions post-abortion, but for those who do, recognizing these feelings is vital for the healing process.

We recognize that a decision can be correct yet still evoke sadness. We are here to provide support both before and after your decision. The period surrounding an abortion decision can be emotionally taxing, often prompting women to reflect on their future, relationships, and personal values.

The most common emotion reported post-abortion is relief, although it is normal to also experience regret, empowerment, sadness, guilt, happiness, or a mix of these emotions. It is common for women to feel assured in their decision yet saddened by the need for an abortion. Honor your feelings—there is no correct way to react. Give yourself permission to experience emotions just as you would after any significant life event or major decision.